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Supervision Agreements - Information from the Medical Board

An email was received on July 6 from the Medical Board and OAPA also spoke with a representative from the Medical Board to confirm the information.

In summary, effective immediately there are no renewals, no 5 day waiting period and the eLicense system for submitting supervision agreements has been disabled.  Effective immediately for new hires the supervision agreement is signed and kept on file at the practice site and they may begin to work immediately.  You may use any form you like but the OSMB recommends that you use their form(s) as those forms meet the statutory requirements.

Supervision agreements on file at the practice site remain in effect indefinitely until the physician ceases supervision of the PA(s).

For those with existing supervision agreements nothing needs to be done (except make sure there is a copy on file at the practice site) even if they are scheduled for renewal.  Make sure that any changes you make to the agreements between now and September 26, 2018 generate a new supervision agreement that is kept on file.  Make sure that all the supervision agreements you have on file on September 26, 2018 are correct.  After September 26 the Medical Board will begin the audit process and there are penalties for non-compliance.

The email from the Medical Board states:

"According to HB 111, the requirement that each supervision agreement be submitted to, and reviewed by, the Medical Board, is eliminated. 

For more information, a legislative summary of the new law can be found here.    

A link to the new legislation can be found by visiting this site and selecting the View Current Version option next to Legislation Text.

The Board is proactively implementing this legislation so that licensees can immediately avail themselves of this new streamlined process. Therefore, the filing of supervision agreements through eLicense is no longer necessary.

For convenience, the Board has updated the supervision agreement forms that can be found at the following links.

Supervision Agreement Application (for Health Care Facility Practice Only)

Supervision Agreement Application (or Practice Outside of a Health Care Facility Only)

Supervision Agreement Addendum for Multiple Supervising Physicians

Supervision Agreement Alternate Supervising Physician Form

Please note that use of these specific forms is not required; you may create your own documents that meet the requirements of the law.

Since supervision agreements are no longer filed with the board, there is no renewal of them. They are living documents that remain active and can be amended at any time until the physician ceases supervision of the physician assistant."

Questions may be directed to OAPA at or 800/292-4997



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