OAPA Diversity

OAPA views diversity as a core value based on respect and acceptance.  We believe that respect and acceptance for one another regardless of race, gender, age, religious beliefs, marital status, ethnicity, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, language, and cultural heritage directly contribute to our positive impact on patient care.

PAs, our physician, other members of the health care team and our patients are all unique individuals with different backgrounds, ethnicities, work styles, values and ways of thinking. We welcome and embrace these differences and we know that our organization and the PA profession will thrive as a result.

OAPA is committed to empowering all PAs to be heard, to participate and to enjoy the benefits of being a member of our association.


Health Diversity Themed Video 

Produced by the Cleveland Clinic, the video gives perspective on the humanity of both providers and patients we may encounter in our daily work.


2017 Diversity Scholarship

The Diversity Scholarship is awarded by the OAPA Diversity Committee. Diversity in healthcare is becoming increasingly recognized an essential component of delivering quality, patient centered care. A personalized approach to patient care encounters can significantly improve health outcomes, and by recognizing the diverse qualities of medical providers and the individuals they care for.  Diversity Scholarship is in response to these goals.

You must be a member of OAPA and AAPA for a minimum of 3 months to be eligible to apply. 

Deadline for application is September 5, 2017.

Diversity Scholarship Application

OAPA Diversity Committee

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