How Will a PA Improve My Practice?

Anywhere a physician can practice a PA can help.  PAs are found in a wide variety of specialties and practice settings and, as part of the physician-PA team, enhance efficient, cost-effective patient care.

The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) states that "a physician can more effectively care for patients when working as part of a physician-PA team. The efficiency of this model has led to its utilization in all medical and surgical specialties. The physician-PA team is effective because of the similarities in physician and PA training, the PA profession’s commitment to practice with supervision and the efficiencies created by utilizing the strengths of each professional in the clinical practice setting."

Benefits of hiring a PA:

  • Improved productivity and cost savings
  • Reduced waiting time
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction

There are cost savings to the patient, to the third party payers, to Medicare and Medicaid and to the practice or facility in which the PA is supervised.  Research has shown that health care visits cost less when PAs are employed in physicians’ practices.  PA salaries are lower than those of physicians and malpractice insurance for a PA is less expensive that that of a physician.

Effectively utilizing the skills of each provider results in appropriate and efficient patient care and high levels of patient satisfaction.